Time Hack Scripts™ Bundle

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101+ Powershell Scripts That Can Save Even The Laziest Tech Over 1,000 Hours In A Year!
What Could It Do For You?


101+ Powershell Scripts That Can Save Even The Laziest Tech Over 1,000 Hours In A Year!
What Could It Do For You?

The Time Hack Scripts™ package contains 101+ Scripts – for use on Windows, MAC, Linux, and Raspberry Pi operating systems. These scripts cover many of the most common management and maintenance tasks intended to save you both time and money by automating as many things as possible to the extent possible.

What’s in the box:

  • 101+ Scripts, including…
    • Windows Scripts
    • macOS Scripts
    • Linux and Raspberry Pi Scripts
    • Internet and SaaS Specific Scripts
    • Local Network Services Specific Scripts
    • Security Specific Scripts
  • Documentation
  • Building Blocks
  • In Development Scripts and Snippets
  • Retired Scripts and Snippets

4 reviews for Time Hack Scripts™ Bundle

  1. Manuel Palachuk (verified owner)

    These scripts have saved our team an immense amount of time in automating things we should already have automated by now. We do all out own internal IT and this has made it so much easier.

    If you’re on the fence about getting the Time Hack Scripts, get off it – It’s so worth the money!

    We can’t wait to see what new scripts show up over time.

    Thank you Time Hack Scripts!

  2. David M (verified owner)

    The THS scripts cover a wide variety of needs, from the very basic building blocks to advanced security scripts.

    Time is money, and Googling and testing take time. So having a quick repository with all the basics is great, and THS delivers precisely that. As with any automation, THS has saved us a ton of time and effort. For example, setting up an RMM is always a cumbersome process, and unless you have advanced scripting skills, you’re stuck out of the box with that.

    THS lets you go beyond that with ease, saving time and money. The collection is vast and covers many different angles, making it well worth the cost and highly recommended.

  3. Steve Bootes (verified owner)

    I can’t review all of these scripts (there are just too many to mention), so I’ll go with the one we’ve used the most – Windows_New_PC_Setup.ps1. We run this script on *EVERY* new PC we touch or after a wipe/reload. This script sets up a new Windows installation so that all of the standard settings and software on every machine have been pre-configured for us. Alan helped us customise it to our exact requirements (since we’re in the UK, we regionalise the keyboard and language settings) and integrate additional software we need.
    The real benefit of this script isn’t so much the time saving – though that’s definitely a bonus. For us, it’s now part of our SOP so that *EVERY* machine goes out of the door with the same settings every time. So we can have different techs set up machines, and they will all look the same. This standardisation is key to running an efficient MSP, and these scripts really help us to do that. Thanks for the scripts, Alan – and your time to help customise them. It’s been a game-changer for us.

  4. Dirk McManus (verified owner)

    Happy to have found a great way to save our techs hundreds of hours each year. Time Hack Scripts is a fabulous collection of scripts that every MSP should take advantage of. The PC setup script alone is worth the price of admission. We’re incorporating it into all our PC setups, and our PC install time has been cut by ¾. Not only do setups go faster, but it helps deliver a consistency of setup that is really helpful for our techs and users. There are scripts included for PC, Mac, and Linux, as well as internet and security. Running these through our RMM, we can monitor items that might have required us to purchase other tools written in native scripting languages; they allow portability and the ability to modify as needed. A great resource for those building their automation and scripting catalog

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