Scripts Used:

  • MSP_Structure_Setup.ps1 in the Windows folder of the download
  • Windows_New_PC_Setup.ps1 in the Windows folder of the download
  • Windows_In_Place_Upgrade_to_Current.ps1 in the Windows folder of the download
  • Windows_Defender_Config.ps1 in the Windows folder of the download

Prep work to be completed before starting (hopefully one-time):

Customize and make it your own:

    1. Review and adjust the options within the New_PC script – Time </Hack> Scripts
    2. Review and adjust the options within the MSP_Setup script – Time </Hack> Scripts

On the local device:

  1. Do NOT connect to a network (Wired or Wireless)
  2. Complete OOBE (Out Of the Box Experience)
    1. Create as part of the OOBE process your MSP’s local admin account and document the Account\Secure password
      1. Standardize and Document your security questions (3) and answers (the same for all) – For Example
        1. (Q) First Pets Name?    (A) Rover
        2. (Q) Nickname as a child?  (A) Rover
        3. (Q) Oldest Cousin?   (A) Rover
    2. Connect to the network
  3. Remove any trial “protection” products that may be installed 
  4. From with Powershell ISE (or from the Powershell console) running as Administrator
  5. Load and Run the New PC script – Time </Hack> Scripts
    1. Reboot when prompted (can be automated, look inside the script)
  6. Login and Run the MSP_Setup script as an admin – Time </Hack> Scripts
  7. Configure Defender – Time </Hack> Scripts
  8. Install your management tools

NOTE:  A log of all the script output is kept on the device in the location specified in the script.

The estimated amount of time to complete:

  • No real tech skills are required
  • 30-45 minutes depending on your internet connection speed (Note: only about 10-minutes of your actual time is required, many organizations kick this off before they leave for the evening and, in the morning, complete the tasks)
  • Also, NOTE you could be doing multiple computers at the same time
Alan Helbush Asked question September 14, 2022