Scripts Used:

  • MSP_Structure_Setup.ps1 in the Windows folder of the download
  • Windows_In_Place_Upgrade_to_Current.ps1 in the Windows folder of the download
  • Windows_Defender_Config.ps1 in the Windows folder of the download

Prep work to be completed before starting (hopefully one-time):

  1. Review and adjust the options within the script – Time </Hack> Scripts
  2. Customize and make it your own

On the local computer:

  1. Remove previous management tools.
  2. Temporary Remove the device from the network (Wired and Wireless)
  3. Add your local MSP admin account to the machine
  4. Run MSP_Setup – Time </Hack> Scripts
  5. Reboot and verify you can log in with your new credentials
  6. Reconnect to the network 
  7. Rename the device as needed
  8. Remove AV (in prep for your own AV to be installed)
  9. Reboot
  10. Install your RMM Agent (let it go through a couple of cycles)
  11. Reboot as needed
  12. Configure Defender (Do this even if you will not be using Defender) – Time </Hack> Scripts
  13. Optional:  Run a “Full Scan” with Defender
  14. Install Security tools (Huntress)
  15. If required, install your AV\EDR product
  16. Install your Backup Product
  17. In-Place Upgrade (to bring OS up to date) – Time </Hack> Scripts. – I usually trigger this from inside of the RMM a few days later

The estimated amount of time to complete: 

10 minutes depending on your internet connection speed (Note: only about 5-minutes of your actual time is required)

Also, NOTE you could be doing multiple computers at the same time with a junior tech handing it all

Alan Helbush Asked question September 14, 2022